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 Post subject: State of Arizona Sports
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:50 am 
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Is this the worst it's ever been?

The malaise has now even reached Az Hoops. :shock:

Dbacks - Selling new regime but its going to take years and who thinks when the time comes Ken Ken will get it done?

Suns - Good young core but the Sixers have had that for years. Wins will be hard to come by for years. Ownership still not considered any good.

Coyotes - Some good young talent but shouldnt we know where they are going to be playing by now? Season just started and looks like another bottom tier finish.

Cards - Expectations not met this year. It's a QB league and we have an old one. The fall looks to be hard and fast.

ASU and Az football - Train wrecks stuck with coaches I have no faith in.

Az Hoops - Injuries, Suspensions, look to take a top 10 team into a 4th place or worse finish in the Pac12.

I have lived here most of my life and have never seen it this bad.

The highs I experienced with each of these teams I have no faith they will ever reach again.

Dbacks - 2001. Thank god for 2001!

Suns - '75-76 Suns, Westphal coached vs Bulls finals Suns, Run and Gun Suns.

Yotes - Former season ticket holder until they moved to east LA. That playoff series vs Blues some of the best hockey I've ever experienced.

Cards - I enjoyed and survived the Sun Devil years but that NFC Championship game vs Philly getting us to the Super Bowl was a blast.

ASU football - Used to be the only game in town. Kush years what a 20 year run and will always be a football coaching legend to me. '87 and '97 Rose Bowls had a blast.

UofA football - First road trip with the now wife. Holiday Bowl beating Nebraska. The wife always tells them Im a Scum Devil but a season ticket holder at the uofa. We are done. Giving up our tickets after this season. Has become a waste of time.

Az Hoops - I even have great memories with this team. No no no not the Championship team. Fondest memory was watching Rick Majerus coach circles around Lute in that NCAA game. Or was it the Steve Kerr loss to the Lobos in the PIT? I will say though that at the end of Lutes career those teams were sure fun to watch. Run and gun what basketball should be. Very entertaining hoops. Unlike the boring Sean Miller teams whose boorish behavior surrounding the way he handles things make them very unlikable and unwatchable. Huge fan of Nick Johnson as a person and a player.

The Glory Days are over Arizona Sports fans, like Ghost Towns that dot the desert landscape never to return again!

 Post subject: Re: State of Arizona Sports
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:25 am 
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Cards - I enjoyed and survived the Sun Devil years but that NFC Championship game vs Philly getting us to the Super Bowl was a blast.

Best game I ever saw live, and the most electric stadium experience ever.

 Post subject: Re: State of Arizona Sports
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:25 am 
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Easily the worst it's ever been. Not even close. EVERY major team could finish below .500 (except ZonaHoops, of course).

The high points for me were 93/94 & 2001. In early 90's, Arizona Football and Desert Swarm D made the Fiesta Bowl, Arizona Hoops reached its 3rd Final Four, and the Suns reached the NBA Finals with Barkley+. That was a great time.

2001 had Arizona Hoops reaching the title game and Dbax winning World Series. 2007 was also good with Dbax winning West and Suns running my favorite group with Nash/Matrix/Amare.

And of course, the two schools were just one late OhioSt TD away from sweeping the college football and basketball titles within 3 months of each other in 1997.

My favorite eras:
Dbax: '06-'11 qudjy.
Suns: 7 seconds or less.
Cards: That Super Bowl team as awesome. I wear the Fitzgerald Super Bowl jersey for all the games.
Zona Hoops: 1987/88. Always. With 2001 & 2014 close behind.
Zona Football: Bruschi Desert Swarm 1992-1995.
ASU Hoops: AhlonLewis/EddieHouse, late 90's.
ASU Football: none. total disappointment since 1997. JR Redmond was my fav SunDevil.

Best games attended: 2001 World Series Games 1/2/7; ASU@UA 1986. The Cecil game.

But yeah, now is god awful.

Vin Scully.

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